The Jeep-L Feb. '97 MOAB TRIP!!

Read the FULL trip report by Tom Zehrbach here.

Trails included: Gold Bar Rim, Poison Spider, & Lions Back
Pretty scary. Definite pucker factor. There have been rigs that have slid right off of this baby before.
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From: brett May 08 2004, 10:49am
that is a crazy climb are you sure you werent drunk when you did that?
From: Ike Sep 05 2004, 08:45pm
Ya gotta wonder who was the first person to drive up Lion's Back and what all clothing he had to change when he got back down!
From: josh Aug 18 2005, 10:12am
that view from the top lookn' down is crazy. i don't know who climbed up it first, he must have lost a huge bet!!!
From: makitaman Feb 18 2006, 11:09am
there is a video out there of a women losing brakes going down lions back they went down at about 60 and crashed at the bottom it was a chevy blazer ill see if i can find link and post it up
From: Lorens Apr 16 2007, 05:29am
I feel you ALL THE WAY man for what you did! In Greece we have "Meteora" at "Kalabaka"... Find out were we welcome some bikers and jeepers from abroad. One i can tell you: my wood-gold honor plade from HD Milwakee, says "To... one of the braves who crossed the Pass of Katara (Curse) riding his Harley Davidson under havy snow-storm...". Come to Greece (to Meteora) you crazy horse, stay as long you wish and pay nothing.
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